Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire at the 2014 World Horror Convention — Death At The Flea Circus

I spent time with Lovecraftian author Wilum Pugmire (W. H. Pugmire) at two cons in 2014: the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival (HPLFF) and the World Horror Convention (WHC), both held in Portland, Oregon. Our first book collaboration, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, debuted at this convention. We did two signings: one in the vendors’ […]

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Photos of Wilum Pugmire at the 2012 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival

Death At The Flea Circus

It’s been almost three weeks since horror writer W. H. Pugmire died. He was both a good friend and a collaborator, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the times I spent in his presence, what a special person he was, and his lasting importance as the greatest modern Lovecraftian author. As part of that mental assessing of his life, I’ve been pulling together all of the photos I took of him at various horror conventions, some of which have been  hard to find, scattered as they are on my current computer as well as on old CD discs and thumb drives. I’ve decided to post all of the photos I took of him, even those where the focus is not perfect or the composition isn’t the best, because now that he’s gone, there will be no new photos of Wilum, and all existing photos are worth preserving and sharing…

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Editor Spotlight: W. H. Pugmire

wilum pugmire

Deep Cuts in a Lovecraftian Vein

It is a strange and curious fact that I found myself as an author and Lovecraftian only after I began to live the punk rock lifestyle. Before then I had a sense of being different, but it wasn’t until I stuck that pin in my ear and shaved off some of my hair that I began to truly feel like The Outsider. […] I mentioned Lovecraft in the early issues of Punk Lust, and was delighted when I’d go to local gigs and people would come up to me and shout with drunken fervor, “Ia! The Crawling Chaos!” This was way back in the days before Lovecraft became a game. People who knew of him had gained this occult knowledge by reading Lovecraft’s fiction. […] And now we have a most wonderful occurrence: punk kids are growing  up to become remarkable horror authors, often blending  punk with their macabre…

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Nightmare Magazine Essay

Mr Gaunt:

A few months ago, the fine folks at Nightmare magazine contacted me to ask if I’d contribute a column to their “H Word” section.  I said I’d be happy to, in part because I’d been thinking of writing an essay about Shirley Jackson’s influence.  It’s up at the magazine for free right now.

Shirley Jackson Is Watching You

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Il gioco di ruolo del Re in Giallo



Pelgrane Press ha annunciato il lancio di un crowfunding su Kickstarter per la pubblicazione nel 2018 di un nuovo gioco di ruolo completamente dedicato alla figura del Re in Giallo, The Yellow King Roleplaying Game.

Ispirato ai racconti di Robert W. Chambers, il gioco sarà composto da quattro volumi che seguiranno la storia del testo maledetto nei secoli, dalla Parigi della Belle Epoque fino ai giorni nostri, in un turbinio di mistero e pazzia.

The book has been written.
The book has been read.
Now it rewrites you.
Across time it spreads, creating dread new realities.
And you’re in all of them.

Pelgrane Press announced a new Kickstarter for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, to be released in 2018.

The four volumes, inspired by  Robert W. Chamber’s works, will follow the path of the suppressed play, The King in Yellow, through the ages from the Belle Epoque until present times. 

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H. P. Lovecraft Fans are Gathering on Facebook, 24 Hours Per Day!

lovecraft on facebook

CthulhuWho1's Blog

If you are a fan of H. P. Lovecraft (A Lovecraftian!), and you haven’t yet joined all of the Lovecraftian fun on Facebook, you are missing out on one of the greatest online multi-room Fan Conventions and Parties ever!

Whatever your area of Lovecraftian Fan interest is, there’s a group, or several groups, on Facebook, just waiting for you to join in.

You don’t have to do anything, post anything, write anything, if you would prefer to just look around and watch; but you just might find that all of the things you’ll read, see, hear, and discover, will open your eyes and mind to Lovecraftian experiences, things, and especially people, from all over the world, that you wouldn’t have discovered any other way.

Here’s an alphabetical list of sixty-one of the Lovecraftian groups on Facebook that might appeal to you, along with direct links to them in case they…

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The Secret of Ventriloquism

ligotti ;D

Christopher Slatsky

THE SECRET OF VENTRILOQUISM offers up nine nightmarish tales that touch upon body horror, philosophical terror, the mystery of puppets, and an accumulation of dread that at times threatens to become all consuming. Each tale is connected in what feels more like a shared nightmare than geographical shared-world, overlapping and referencing places and names and incidents, accentuating the sensation that the reader is being yanked down into a chasm of the author’s design. The whole effect is one of a sleeper unable to wake from encroaching nightmares. What an astonishingly exciting debut.

The limited edition hardback with gorgeous Dave Felton art is sold out, but the trade paperback can be pre-ordered from Dunhams Manor Press, and the volume should also be available via Amazon by the end of the month.


Introduction by Matt Cardin

The Mindfulness of Horror Practice

Murmurs of a Voice Foreknown

The Indoor Swamp

Origami Dreams


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